Restaurant Week: Get to Know Culinary Offer in Zagreb

Culinary offer plays an important role in getting to know every country and every city. You can find out more about this dimension of Zagreb during the Restaurant Week, an event in which a selection of restaurants offers dishes at promotional prices.

Another edition of the Restaurant Week in Zagreb will take place from 11 to 20 October. During that time, you can taste their dishes at a lot more affordable prices than usual. In a selection of restaurants in Zagreb the price of a three-course lunch will be 100 Kuna per person while the price of dinner will amount to 125 Kuna. As seen in some other world metropolitan centres, for the nineteenth time restaurants in Zagreb join the promotion and advertising of gastro scene by offering dishes of local but also international cuisine at more affordable prices.

Zagreb’s culinary offer is rich and varied and encompasses specialties of Croatian cuisine but also restaurants with excellent offer of national cuisines of other countries. The Restaurant Week, which takes place in March and October every year, is an incentive for you to embark on a gastro journey and find out more about the flavours and scents of the rich and attractive culinary offer of Zagreb.

Published: 03.10.2019