Photo Exhibition: Zagreb Likes Green

If Zagreb’s Franjo Tuđman Airport is where you meet Zagreb for the first time, a photo exhibition will show you that you are visiting a city filled with parks and flowers. The data is impressive and proves that Zagreb really likes green.

Zagreb likes green is the title of the photo exhibition opened in Zagreb’s Franjo Tuđman Airport. The selected 26 photographs show Zagreb's green areas which are intertwined within the city and their authors are renowned Croatian photographers. This is proven by the fact that green areas account for 75.1% of the city, that it has 10 million square meters of landscaped lawns and flower beds, as well as 200 kilometres of maintained tree lines and 130 thousand different trees.

The exhibition organized by the Zagreb Tourist Board and the International Zagreb Airport, is located in the baggage claim area at the Franjo Tuđman Airport. In addition to the exhibition itself, the area is additionally decorated with a model of the Mali Zagreb (Little Zagreb) project. This project marks the streets of Zagreb this spring.

The opening of the exhibition marked the beginning of the 2021 summer timetable, while welcoming passengers coming to Zagreb. It is also a view of the city which is a sustainable and safe destination through the lens of art photographers. As it can be seen everywhere in Zagreb, it really likes green.

Published: 07.04.2021