Greencajt festival: Let’s Choose Green!

A two-day conference entitled Greencajt will provide answers to many ecological challenges of our times and suggest further steps for the future.

The Greencajt festival, the largest green festival in the region, will take place from 3 to 5 June in the area of the former Light Bulb Factory and Rougemarin Park Zagreb. The aim of the festival is to further raise awareness of the problem of climate change and emphasize the importance of overcoming green challenges, both internationally and locally. The aim is to be achieved with the help of panel discussions and lectures, which will be attended by around 60 Croatian and foreign experts, as well as workshops and an exhibition of electric and hybrid cars. This event, which will attract attention of both leaders of the green transition and of enthusiasts of nature and environment, will also be the place where the National Environmental Award 2022 – Green Prix will be given. In addition to everything mentioned, there will be plenty of entertainment and food.

The issue of environmental protection is particularly sensitive in cities which are facing a redistribution of space and resources in order to find and implement alternative solutions to permanently reduce negative impact on the environment. The festival is expected to provide answers to many of these questions and stimulate finding solutions.

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Published: 18.05.2022