European Best Destinations - Zagreb in the running for the best European Christmas destination

Discover why is Zagreb in the running for the best European destinations for Christmas holidays. It has been nominated by the European Best Destinations website and tourists can cast their votes online via social networks.

The European Best Destinations website has included Zagreb into its selection of best Christmas destinations to visit in 2015. Tourists are invited to come and see why is the Croatian capital visited by an increasing number of guests during the time of Advent. Zagreb is competing against some fifty destinations and the selection for the best is made by travellers who can cast their votes on social networks.

At europeanbestdestinations you  can read why Zagreb has been shortlisted as one of the best Christmas destinations in Europe. It says that during the time of Advent Zagreb offers a special atmosphere which simply must bee experienced. The city streets and squares invite you to let your hair down and partake in singing, dancing, and other kinds of entertainment with family and friends. You can also sample traditional delicacies alfresco or enjoy themed programmes which take you down memory lane. The portal invites you to come and get to know the idyllic side of the city. It lists top things to do and see during the time of Advent. Therefore, accept the invitation and see for yourself why Zagreb is indeed a special place to visit during Christmas holidays. 

Incidentally, the cover photo of the European Best Destinations Site depicts the last year's event Kapulica & Lanterns during which lanterns were released from the famous Dolac Market carrying thousands of best wishes.

Published: 05.11.2015