Culture Factory: Sinead O’Connor to Give Her First, Exclusive Concert in Zagreb

Sinead O'Connor, a famous singer and one of the greatest talents in music industry since the mid-eighties, will give her first, exclusive concert in Zagreb at the Culture Factory (Tvornica Kulture) in mid-January.

Numerous fans of the famous singer Sinead O’Connor, one of the greatest music talents in the last several decades, will have a chance to enjoy her performance in Zagreb’s Culture Factory on 15 January. This is a premiere but also an exclusive concert since the number of tickets is limited to 1200.

Sinead O’Connor is famous for excellent songs, among which her arrangement of the song “Nothing Compares 2 U” has received particular acclaim.

She is also known for a number of scandals and controversies which, however, haven’t harmed her music career in the long run.

In recent years Sinead O’Connor has experienced a true resurgence in her career with a new band meaning her concerts are regularly sold out and her songs often played on radio stations. After her Zagreb concert, Sinead will embark on her big American tour, the first in a number of years.

Published: 03.12.2019