Cultural Scene: Outdoor and Virtual Projects

Some museums, galleries and theatres can be visited, others enter our homes virtually and there are also those which welcome us outdoors and are part of the life of the city.

Many Zagreb’s museums and theatres have opened doors to visitors after the loosening of epidemiological precautions and allowed visitors to once again experience the eagerly-awaited world of art which was taken away from us due to the epidemic and the disastrous earthquake in Zagreb.

However, cultural life did not cease to exist even during the lockdown period; it briskly moved to the virtual world so that the exhibitions of museums, galleries, libraries as well as concert and theatre shows for children and adults were available online. Even though attendance at virtual cultural events was even larger than the number of visitors normally admitted in the limited space of various venues, many missed the direct contact with culture. This can be seen in the enthusiastic reactions of citizens of Zagreb to concerts organised by musicians during strict epidemiological precautions in various neighbourhoods. They were completely in line with the prescribed rules which were adhered to both by artist and the thrilled audience, listening from balconies and windows.

Now visitors of some Zagreb’s museums such as the Zagreb City Museum, the Museum of Broken Relationships, the Museum of Illusions and others, can once again enjoy their exhibitions in person, while some museums will unfortunately continue to be visited only virtually. Luckily, the building of the Croatian National Theatre sustained no damage, so shows will again offer the joy of performing arts and music to the audience within its walls and outside of them.

Published: 26.06.2020