Concert Scene: the Pixies to return to Zagreb in August!

The Pixies, American indie rock pioneers, will be back to perform in Zagreb in late August and thrill their fans with songs from their most recent album which was promoted last year.

Six years after they closed the ninth edition of the INmusic festival, cult American band the Pixies will return to the city that wowed them, as they have confessed. The concert organised by the INmusic festival staff will take place in the courtyard of the Zagreb Fair on 31 August 2020. This will be an opportunity for the American indie rock pioneers to perform songs from their most recent, praised album Beneath the Eyrie but also a range of hits from their impressive career.

They sold their seven albums in millions of copies. The band was founded in 1986 and gave their first concert in Zagreb in 1989, at the peak of their career. The second concert was held in 2006, right after the band reunited, and the last took place six years ago on the final day of the INmusic festival.

This American band won favour in Europe with their hits. Among their first hits is “Here Comes Your Man”, which is still often performed. The fourth performance in Zagreb is a proof of mutual affection between the musicians and the Zagreb audience. Therefore it is certain that citizens and visitors of Zagreb will enjoy another musical spectacle of this cult American band, the Pixies, in late August.

Published: 02.01.2020