Cest is d'Best: Marked by Street Performers and a Positive Mood

If you want to laugh and cheer yourself up, boost positive mood and romance or save some for the future, you don’t need to do much – just be in Zagreb from 29 May to 2 June at the 23rd Cest is d’Best, a street festival.

Even though Zagreb is generally known for excellent atmosphere in the street as well as shops, during the multimedia street festival Cest is d’Best, which will last from 29 May to 2 June this year, it is really lively, entertaining and full of song. It is not a festival you go to; because if you are in the city centre it comes to you and it is everywhere. In the afternoon and evening, streets and squares of Zagreb are marked by singing and dancing and art and sports events. The program is shown on six stages, one of which has been moved for the first time next to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Zagreb, where events will take place on 2 June.

But on your way from one stage to another, where interesting shows will take place, you will be surprised by performances of street artists, so fun in the street will actually never end in Zagreb. With a universal language of joy and laughter, artists from Croatia and abroad of all artistic expressions will put on a show for all generations and all art preferences.

Wherever you find yourself during this street festival, which has delighted citizens of Zagreb and their visitors for 23 years, one thing is certain; a good mood with “sustained release” is guaranteed!

Published: 20.05.2019