25th Days of Croatian Film - Diverse competitive and concurrent programs

The jubilee 25th Days of Croatian Film Festival is to take place between April 21st and 24th in the cinemas Europa and Tuškanac, as well as the Vinyl Club. It features diverse competitive as well as concurrent programmes.

Between April 21st and 24th, the cinemas Europa and Tuškanac, as well as the Vinyl Club, will be venues for the 25th Days of Croatian Film. Apart from the competitive programme, featuring 256 works from last year, the audiences of the jubilee 25th Days of Croatian Film can look forward to a diverse concurrent programme. For example, the programme “Psychotronic Film” will feature the entire opus by director Zvonimir Maycug and a retrospective by Jakov Sedlar. There will also be screenings of an array of experimental films by Dalibor Barić in which he explores the traditional genres of science fiction and horror. The audiences will also have the opportunity to view the student work of now established Croatian filmmakers Snježana Tribuson, Ivan Salaj, Darko Rundek, Branko Schmidt, Zoran Pezo, Vedran Mihletić and Jasna Mesarić.

This year’s festival featuring domestic authors also brings a selection of films screened over the last quarter century, while the programme “Croatian TV Film” is dedicated to domestic television heritage. This programme  will feature screenings of selected documentary films from the “Zadnja pošta Zagreb” cycle by editor Angel Miladinov, while the concurrent film programmes include screenings of old commercial films from the workshop of the Zagreb School of Animation. This programme will also consist of a selection of films from the Festival of Slovenian Film, which is this year’s partner for the Days of Croatian Film. It is safe to say, film buffs are in for a real treat!


Published: 01.04.2016