Green BUZZG: To Have a Green and Sustainable Life, to Live in a Way Typical of Zagreb

Visiting Zagreb gives you a chance to experience its green side and relaxing rhythm and have a sustainable, green and relaxed life; which is typical of Zagreb.

To get to know Zagreb means to experience it through hearing local stories, interacting with nature and leading a sustainable and relaxed way of life which gets us familiar with the way citizens of Zagreb live. This is the task of the year-round campaign entitled Green BUZZG, which invites you to slow down and feel the destination in line with trends in travel industry and with values offered by Zagreb.

“During last several years, sustainable and green tourism has been the focus of our activities. Therefore, our campaign became completely digital and we dedicated ourselves further to the green Zagreb. Via Green BUZZG, we promote Zagreb filled with green areas which, in spite of urban and busy lifestyle, offers a detox of a sort in numerous parks, forests, lakes, the Sava River and Medvednica mountain, the lungs of our city” says Martina Bienenfeld, the director of the Zagreb Tourist Board. She continues: “Considering the two earthquakes and the pandemic which Zagreb faced in the last two years, we are very satisfied with tourism results so far; they have even exceeded our expectations.”

Results of the research conducted by the European Environment Agency (EEA) confirm that Zagreb really is a green city. As was found in the research entitled “Who benefits from nature in cities?”, Zagreb has 74 per cent of green infrastructure within the city and it ranks second among the capitals in Europe. This fact significantly increases satisfaction of citizens and visitors of Zagreb.

Recent research conducted by international company and tourism analytics platform Mabrian also proves it. Zagreb was ranked as the best in Europe based on the high level of overall satisfaction of visitors with a tourist destination. Another international recognition also contributes to a pleasant stay. Zagreb was also named the second-best city to have brunch in.

Green BUZZG is a year-round campaign and all information about green, sustainable and active options in Zagreb is available at the following link:

Published: 09.09.2022