Advent by Craftspeople: A Place with a Special Christmas Spirit

With the help of hands of hard-working craftspeople, Christmas spirit came to life in a new location dedicated to Advent, in the Passage of the Zagreb Crafts Chamber.

This is how Christmas used to be celebrated! This is how those who visit the new location dedicated to Advent in Zagreb will describe the place which upholds the old traditions and takes senior citizens back to their childhood. In the Passage of the Zagreb Crafts Chamber or the Passage of the Craftspeople, as citizens of Zagreb refer to it, at the very heart of Zagreb, traditional toys will become alive in front of your very eyes; toys made and preserved by Croatian craftspeople. This place takes both children and adults to the world of old tales but also teaches them about the way life used to be like.

Those searching for special holiday presents will find imaginative souvenirs and other products hand-made by the hard-working craftspeople. Christmas carols performed by children’s choirs on the gallery of this stunning space with special acoustic properties add to the special atmosphere in the Passage. Creative workshops will also take place there, where children can learn how to make rag dolls as well as souvenirs. Theatre shows entitled ‘Dad picture book’ (Tata slikovnica in Croatian) use stories and songs to teach children valuable life lessons in a fun way. Many visitors will consider the humanitarian aspect of the Advent by Craftspeople as particularly touching. In cooperation with the theatre company Mali teatar, a special Christmas theatre show will take place for the children from the Children’s home. In a nutshell, there is a really special, and somewhat nostalgic holiday spirit in the Passage of Craftspeople.

Published: 15.12.2021