The Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra: On the List of Grammy Nominees!

The Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra performed parts for orchestra in an album of one of the world’s greatest gospel stars CeCe Winans. Now the orchestra is on the list of Grammy nominees.

This year the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra may win the greatest award in the field of discography, the Grammy Award. It featured on an album of one of the world’s greatest gospel artists CeCe Winans and the album has received a Grammy nomination for Best Gospel Album.

This is a result of a performance that took place last summer at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb with Tim Atkins as a conductor when the album Something’s Happening! was recorded.

World-famous gospel diva CeCe Winans has won 12 Grammy Awards to date. Whether she will add another one to this impressive list together with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, remains to be seen at the awards ceremony on 27 January 2020.

After recording the third album for the German record company OEMS with conductor Dimitri Kitajenko several weeks ago, the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra has become one of the Grammy Award nominees which confirms its status of a renowned orchestra with musicians famous in the country and in the world.

Published: 03.12.2019