Okolo Art Project: When You Are Surprised by Art

There are places in a city where you approach art intentionally, but there are also those where it surprises you with its presence. The Okolo art project is among the second, unexpected and so precious encounters with art.

If you enter a hidden passage in Zagreb, look at the tree tops in parks or mysterious places visited by just a few passers-by between 17 August and 1 September, you will be surprised by an unexpected encounter with art.

Last year’s first edition of this art project designed in cooperation with Zagreb Tourist Board has brought life to many public places in the city. This will occur again this year in addition to many novelties.

Twenty-five locations have been included in this year’s, overall second edition, and they will be enriched by artists whose artistic expression is light installation, urban green design or street art, interactive design and photography.

The aim of their artwork is to use urban intervention to direct attention to locations in the city which have been unfairly left out of visitors’ reach. By connecting these locations of modern art installations, they will become a part of a unique city tour.

In addition to around ten Croatian artists, many world-renowned artists from France, Spain and Australia will leave a mark in Zagreb. The first is a French duo Ella & Pitr, famous for their oversized caricatures at the international street art scene. Spanish artist Javier Riera is one of the masters of landscape light installations. An Australian, Michael Pederson, won the attention of worldwide audience with his humorous street miniatures which he installs in unexpected places. All of them together will bring new colour to interaction with art in Zagreb as well as to unexpected locations and leave a precious artistic mark.

More at: https://www.facebook.com/okolozagreb/ 

Published: 03.07.2019