Interliber 2019: 42 Years with Books

For more than four decades Interliber has been a meeting point for all book lovers. The recent years have been marked by a major comeback of readers, who are attracted by interesting lectures, encounters with writers and a chance to add books to their family libraries at more affordable prices.

The 42nd edition of Interliber, the International Book Fair, will be held at the Zagreb Fair from 12 to 17 November. It is the largest book event in Croatia gathering annually around 300 most significant publishers and book shops from Croatia and the world. Many of them choose this event to launch their new books. It is a place which gathers publishers and authors, offering book lovers interesting titles and introduction to an exciting world of literature. In addition to book launches and writers’ visits, educational workshops, expert gatherings, book auctions and quizzes also take place at the Fair.

All this makes this event held at the Zagreb Fair a first-class experience for literature fans who tend to purchase a number of books for readers of all ages during the fair, from children’s books to fine literature for adults and professional books from all areas of life.

Published: 03.10.2019