Festival of Lights Zagreb 2023: When the City Becomes a Light Stage

In mid-March, streets, squares, fronts of buildings and parks will be marked by beautiful light installations of the Festival of Lights which will have its fifth edition in Zagreb.

The Festival of Lights Zagreb will take place at around thirty locations in the Upper and Lower Town from 15 to 19 March. This is the fifth edition of the festival and in the previous editions it won the hearts of citizens and visitors from Croatia and abroad due to its imaginative installations which combine modern digital technologies and timeless creativity.

Each year there is an advance in the creative approach so this year light installations will push the boundaries further and take us to the world of imagination, highlight cultural and historical valuables, but also send strong messages about modern life and culture.

All locations of the Festival of Lights Zagreb are situated in the historical, romantic Upper Town and the heart of the city in the Lower Town. Considering how close they are, they are reachable on foot so touring them will be quite a treat for visitors. However, everybody who is familiar with the festival knows that in addition to beautiful visual effects, it also offers interesting stories about cultural heritage and symbolically speaks about the topical issues of today’s life.

As in previous years, some installations set up in parks and promenades will be intended for children, to take them to the world of play, imagination and joy.

The Festival of Lights Zagreb is organized by the Zagreb Tourist Board (ZTB) and associates, and held with the support of the City of Zagreb.

Published: 02.03.2023