Born in Zagreb: A Picture Book as a Travelogue, a Diary and a Photo Album

A walk around Zagreb will be more interesting and pleasant for children with a picture book adapted just for them, which also acts as a photo album and a lasting memory.

Getting to know Zagreb and its attractions will be more appealing and pleasant for children with a travelogue-like picture books entitled Born in Zagreb for girls and boys.

In this interactive picture book, there are seven attractions of the city with ideas for parents and children and advice on how to spend a day outdoors, in nature, walking and playing. Picture books contain travel and historical information, a glossary for small children but also a space where to put photos showing the most beautiful places in the city and a space where to write about personal impressions.

Picture books are intended to stimulate children to visit exciting tourist attractions accompanied by adults and explore the city in a suitable manner and grow to love it even more. Their parents, grandparents or caretakers will certainly help them on that path, not just by reading about particular sites and attractions, but also by taking photos. Along with being similar to a travelogue, these picture books are somewhat of a diary and a photo album which stores images taken in particular, special locations.

All of this therefore means picture books Born in Zagreb for girls and boys provide an opportunity for an exciting exploration of the city, help develop love towards it and at the same time act as a lasting memory of the trip and early, really important steps of future travellers and explorers of cultural and historical attractions.

Published: 18.05.2022