Pimp my Pump: A Tourist Attraction and a Strong Message of Sustainability

With the projects presented on the City Day, the Zagreb Tourist Board is sending a strong message of sustainability, environmental protection and quality of life and also giving the city new attractions.

The Zagreb Tourist Board marked the City Day, which is celebrated on 31 May, with several attractive projects one of which is Pimp my Pump. This project sends a strong message of sustainability and regeneration, it also encourages citizens to explore the city and contributes to the quality of life and environmental protection. The project was created in cooperation with the association Pimp My Pump and involves painting 20 public water pumps which citizens of Zagreb have nicknamed Iron Franceks (Željezni Franceki in Croatian). Each of them is interesting in itself, but you can visit them all by following a route on a special map. The map can be found in the Visitor Centres or downloaded online at the Zagreb Tourist Board website.

Each pump has a QR code; by scanning it with your mobile phone you can find out more about the motif on a particular pump but also about the project in general.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness about the fact that Zagreb has sources of drinkable water in many public locations but also to send an eco-message about the way we can reduce the use of plastic by reusing the same water bottle.

The Zagreb Tourist Board is also sending a strong message about environmental protection and landscaping with the project Hanging Gardens. The project involves mounting 250 hanging baskets with flowers on street lamps of the Lower and Upper Town, which contributes to the image of Zagreb as a pleasant city and a sustainable tourist destination.

Photo credit: Željko Rus

Published: 07.06.2021