We Love Sound: The Best Representatives of the World of Electronic Music Are Coming to Croatia

For the fourth time the summer is announced in a special way, with an open air event entitled We Love Sound Open Air, which is richer than ever before.

The fourth We Love Sound Open Air event, which marks the beginning of the summer season, will take place in the afternoon of 6 June this year at Jarun’s Big Lake and the pleasure of music and dancing will last for 16 hours.

We Love Sound has been recognised and appreciated in recent years due to the stunning ambience, excellent organisation and some of the greatest names of electronic music, and this year it brings even more famous performers. More than ten famous musicians of the world electronic scene are expected at the festival. For the first time the programme will be held on two stages one of which will be dedicated exclusively to techno fans.

Numerous visitors from Croatia, the region but also neighbouring European countries will enjoy listening and dancing to the rhythm of music. They will also be able to participate in various workshops and art installations that will take place throughout the day at Jarun Lake in Zagreb.

The most loyal visitors will get an opportunity to purchase pre-registration tickets priced at 79 kuna which are available at the official website of We Love sound www.we-love-sound.com  and the final price of the tickets is 319 kuna. 

Published: 10.03.2020