Vinart Grand Tasting: Invitation-only Wine Tasting

If you wish to taste the best wine varieties of Croatian winemakers, Vinart Grand Tasting is a perfect opportunity, where meticulously and skilfully selected wines are presented.

Vinart Grand Tasting, which will take place in Lauba on 6 and 7 March, will provide an overview of Croatian winemakers’ offer dedicated to quality. Winemakers exhibit their products only if they are invited by the organisers who are wine connoisseurs.

It is an excellent opportunity for visitors to taste excellent wines in a short period of time, and for wine collectors to stock their home wine cellars with those hard-to-get bottles. This is made possible by Pop-Up Wine Shop which is part of Vinart Grand Tasting, where you can purchase all exhibited wine varieties. 

Entrance fee to the Festival, which is open from 12 to 19 on both days, is 150 kn. The fact that it includes a 40 kn voucher for a taxi ride home or a bottle of wine at the Pop-up Wine Shop proves that the organisers though of everything.

Published: 03.02.2020