The Goldsmith’s Treasure - A book as an authentic souvenir

The English edition of August Šenoa’s novel, “The Goldsmith’s Treasure”, is proof that visitors can get to know and love a particular city or country through a book, that a book can be a good presentation of its cultural heritage, and that it can also serve as an authentic cultural souvenir. Versions of the novel in other languages have also been announced.

If you like to read and want an authentic and cultural souvenir from Zagreb as a memento or a gift for someone back home, choose the novel “The Goldsmith’s Treasure” by August Šenoa. Its first edition in the English language was published in August of last year, and it was immediately recognised as an attractive product for tourists. August Šenoa published his first novel, “The Goldsmith’s Treasure”, in 1872. Its plot is based on historic facts from 16th century Zagreb and the always topical theme of love failing to defeat evil, so we can say it is the first Croatian historic novel. After its release the novel was soon translated into several languages, including German, Czech, French, Slovenian, Polish, Slovakian, Russian and even Esperanto, but it was never before published in English. Thanks to the initiative of Andrija Pećarević, the owner of the Spiritoso publishing house, who devised the “Šenoa’s Zagreb” programme, the first Croatian historic novel has finally been published in English, with the intention of also making it available to contemporary readers in other languages. The book’s visual design combines its renaissance plot and its contemporary interpretation by readers of the digital age, and it is the work of awarded Croatian designers Ivana Vučić (Hamper studio) and Tomislav - Jurica Kaćunić. Their design gave the book a new dimension, and design experts included it on the list of the ten best designed Croatian products in 2015. After it was published it was also released in Croatian to meet popular demand. The authors of the project have also announced editions in other languages in order to make the book available to as many readers as possible, because by reading this book they will find out that the locations in the novel’s plot are real places they have visited, and giving this book to a friend or a loved one as a present would be perfect as an authentic cultural souvenir.

Apart from Zagreb’s bookstores, the book is also available in the Croatian Design Superstore on Martićeva Street.

Published: 03.02.2016