Red Bull Soapbox Race: Only for the Daring and Creative

Sixty daring and creative teams will take part in the Red Bull Soapbox Race, which is returning to Zagreb after eight years in September. Fun guaranteed!

Red Bull Soapbox Race, which is to take place in Zagreb on 14 September, is famous for its unique criteria: competing teams have to make their soapbox vehicles, which can take most creative shapes, by hand but they cannot have propelling engines, pedals or external energy source. This is a chance for amateurs to design most imaginative vehicles and show an innovative approach in their propulsion and operation. Team members cannot be aged under 18 and having a co-driver in addition to the driver is optional, not obligatory.

In the past 19 years of this unusual competition there have been many imaginative vehicles, from replicas of real vehicles to those shaped like a piano, children pram, prison cell, the Golden Gate Bridge, rodeo clown and others. So, there is no doubt that the Zagreb edition will add new samples to the history of this innovative race and its vehicles.

Based on previous applications, the jury selects 58 teams and two more teams are selected based on the number of votes at the so overall 60 teams participate in the race.

During the race teams are judged based on three criteria: creativity, showmanship and speed downhill, which means behaviour on track, vehicle design but also impression at the finish line are equally important.


Published: 03.07.2019