Meet Street Art(ist) - Meet street art

If you normally just pass through the city on your way to your destination without noticing much, it is time you stop and learn a thing or two about street artists and the style and messages they are attempting to convey. Zagreb’s first street art tour and workshop takes visitors into a different world and helps them get to know it and understand its messages.

Every city has several faces, and one of these faces is its street art. The street art tour and workshop titled Meet Street Art(ist) is the perfect way to get to know it, as it is guided by street artists and other creative people involved in the street art scene. Their two tours – both in the English language, introduce visitors to the dynamic street art scene in Zagreb. They are an excellent opportunity to get to know the artists themselves as well as their work – murals, graffiti, sculptures and installations that make the city unique. 

For the time being  there are two tours and one street art workshop on offer. The first, guided by a top class street art guide, takes place in the city centre. It lasts for 90 minutes and consists of viewing murals, graffiti, small but important stickers, serious and somewhat less serious  slogans, etc. The price of this tour is 100 kuna (15 euros).  

The second tour includes a wider area, including the city centre and Novi Zagreb, while visitors will combine walking and cycling. This tour lasts about three and a half hours, and apart from viewing the street art landmarks in the entire city, visitors will learn about street art techniques and the development of the street art scene, as well as some secrets of the trade that will ultimately lead to making their own graffiti. The price of this tour is 230 kuna (30 euros).

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Published: 02.09.2016