Medvedgrad: The Opening of an Attractive Visitor Centre

Located in the renovated historical fortress on Mountain Medvednica near the city, the Medvedgrad Visitor Centre provides an opportunity to spend an interesting day in nature and learn about it in an appealing way.

The Medvedgrad Visitor Centre was opened in late October in the newly renovated fortress Medvedgrad in the Medvednica Nature Park whose area covers a part of Mountain Medvednica to the north of Zagreb. It offers attractive activities that inform visitors of all ages about historical and natural value of the location in an interesting and educational way.

The project of the renovation and design of the Medvedgrad fortress and of the Visitor Centre is worth 40 million kuna. The Big and Small Palace were completely renovated in the Centre; they house an information centre and souvenir shop in addition to appealing exhibitions and event space where various programmes, workshops and events can take place.

The Centre also offers activities dedicated to children followed by educational programme and interactive toys which allow for entertaining learning about natural and cultural value of Medvednica Mountain.

A part of the project was to instal cutting-edge IT and multimedia equipment in the Centre. Visitors can also enjoy aerial video and photo material of the Medvednica Nature Park and get to know it and its sites.

Published: 11.11.2021