Escape Room - Can you save the Witch of Zagreb?

Zagreb’s history is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for numerous sightseeing tours of the city, but also for a new generation of attractive Escape Room games. Can you solve the mysterious case of the Witch of Zagreb?

Created by the Enigmarium innovative team, “The Mysterious Case of the Witch of Zagreb” is the latest and the best game yet of this international brand which takes visitors on an unforgettable experience of travelling through Zagreb’s history.

Between two to five Escape Room players are locked in a room for an hour, and in that time frame they must discover hidden items and clues, decipher codes and work out riddles together in order to solve the task and escape the room.

Just like writer Marija Jurić-Zagorka, they drew inspiration for the room named “The Mysterious Case of the Witch of Zagreb” at Krvavi Most in Zagreb. This was based on the story of Barica Cindek, who was proclaimed a witch because of her beauty and success and condemned to be burned at the stake. Will the visitors to this room be able to save her?

Success will depend on the ability of groups and individuals within the groups. Whatever the outcome, however, it is certain that the visitors to this room will experience a one hour journey through time and Zagreb’s past in an ultimate 5D experience.

These real games were inspired by the cult “Escape Room” computer games. “The Mysterious Case of the Witch of Zagreb” was realised under the leadership of the international Enigmarium team, which boasts ten unique rooms in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.


Published: 02.06.2016