Entrepreneurship: Gin as Homage to Zagreb

Love for Zagreb inspired the creation of a gin whose name is also connected to the city – Agramero.

When two passionate travellers, love for Zagreb and entrepreneurial spirit are combined, the result is Agramero, a gin of a recognisable taste, name and label adorned by the promenade of Tkalčićeva Street which is very famous among the visitors of the city. It is important to note that Agramer is an old German name for a citizen of Zagreb. After travelling across New Zealand, Canada and Scotland, two friends, Ivan Svedrović and Hrvoje Huzjan, came up with the idea to open a distillery called House of Spirits and start producing gin. After finishing a distilling school in Croatia, they continued to gather more knowledge on the subject in the Netherlands. This is where they also bought modern equipment which guarantees a high-quality product and in 2020, they started producing gin.

Inspired by Croatian surroundings, the House of Spirits gin has a citrus note with a Dalmatian signature, the taste of blueberries from Lika and elderberry from mountain Medvednica near Zagreb.

The entire concept and brand focus on the location and the story of Zagreb. As of last year, their product has been more easily accessible in hospitality facilities and to end consumers. As the thirty-year old entrepreneurs announce, their entrepreneurial story, which is inspired by Zagreb, will not stop there.

Published: 05.10.2021