Dubai: Zagreb's Advent at the EXPO 2020

This year’s Advent in Zagreb and its main motifs are presented at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai, expanding limits in communication with markets and promotions. It also gives you a taste of this memorable Zagreb-based event.

This year’s Advent in Zagreb and its main motifs will be presented at the Christmas Week of the world exhibition EXPO 2020 Dubai to take place from 20 to 28 December. Recognisable motifs of Advent in Zagreb were installed at five locations of the exhibition and in the Croatian pavilion as organised by the Zagreb Tourist Board. With the help of smartphones and Equinox XR mobile app, visitors will be able to search for recognisable Virtual toys and move them to any other location in the world as well as share them on social media. In addition to toys, Advent light locations and the promotional film Advent in Zagreb will also be screened at the EXPO in the evenings.

The Croatian pavilion also contains a display of the dress entitled Bow by the design company Krie Design, which was the only fashion brand from Croatia to be invited to the Arab Fashion Week in 2018. As the first sustainable brand, Krie Design has participated in the Arab Fashion Week until today, thrilling local fashion enthusiasts. It was also the choice of two Arab actresses which aroused the interest and fascination surrounding the brand’s participation at the EXPO Dubai.

“Augmented reality (AR) enabled us to present Advent in Zagreb, as our most significant tourism product, in multiple channels and in a sustainable way at the EXPO” says Martina Bienenfeld, the Zagreb Tourist Board Director, and continues: “AR enriches space in a meaningful way without any interventions, which is in line with the slogan of this largest world exhibition ‘Connecting minds, creating the Future’. Light projections that we are using to promote Advent also contribute to the presentation in a sustainable and responsible way. The icing on the cake is design company Krie Design from Zagreb whose entire concept is based on the use of ecologically friendly materials.”

Published: 15.12.2021