Dining in Zagreb: Excellent Quality and Variety

Regardless of whether you decide on Mediterranean or continental cuisine, fast food or desserts, gastro scene in Zagreb awaits you, offering memorable flavours and atmosphere.

Foodies are already familiar with the Zagreb gastro scene which is constantly growing with the addition of newly opened restaurants, but also innovative menus. What is offered is a wide range of dishes and beverages in diverse dining venues, ranging from Michelin star restaurants to those recommended by visitors, providing Croatian specialties and those from various countries, as well as tasty fast food and desserts you can only wish for. Even though every cuisine has its advantages and fans, we would like to highlight the traditional cuisine of the region surrounding Zagreb whose menus include a roasted turkey served with a thin dried flatbread called mlinci, dishes with mushrooms, štrukle, sweet and savoury strudels, cottage cheese and many others.

In addition to exquisite flavours and affordable prices, Zagreb’s catering venues also attract visitors with their atmosphere. In addition to indoor facilities, most have terraces which are ideal for a pleasant outdoor meal, which guarantee at least two delights at the same time.

Published: 26.06.2020