Anniversary Concert: Lado Electro in Culture Factory

The twentieth anniversary of the Lado Electro project, which is a unique blend of contemporary and traditional music, will be celebrated in late March with a birthday concert.

Lado Electro, a project which connects contemporary and traditional music in an inventive manner, will mark twenty years of active work by organising a concert in the Culture Factory on 26 March. Considered interesting by all generations due to blending different styles, Lado Electro has grown on the tradition of the ensemble of folk music and dances Lado which has been active for 73 years and continues to thrill audience in Croatia and the world with its performances.

Lado Electro was founded by long-standing members of the ensemble Boris Harfman and Hrvoje Crnić, better known as DJ Boxer. A year after it was founded, Lado Electro released its first album, named Lado Electro, which soon reached the very top of the list of best Croatian albums. The second album, entitled 2.0 Memorabilium, was released in 2018. It contains some songs of the Lado ensemble accompanied by traditional melodies which are not performed by Lado but are sung in a similar manner.

This celebratory concert, for which tickets are available in the Entrio system, is preceded by a performance of Lado Electro at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

Published: 09.03.2022