A Story about Entrepreneurship: The World's Best Gin and Vodka Come from Zagreb

It has been confirmed at the most prestigious global competitions; the world’s best gin and vodka come from Zagreb. This also proves that expertise, dedication to quality, local ingredients and enthusiasm are a formula for achieving success.

After winning several gold medals for their Old Pilot’s Gin, the first product made in distillery Duh u boci (in English the Spirit in the Bottle), the same craft producer from Zagreb launched a vodka brand late last year and also reached global success. In 2019 Old Pilot’s Gin was named the best in the world at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in the category of London Dry Gin. What was emphasised is the quality distilling process, the gin’s structure and balance and a particular taste which consists of flavours and scents of Croatian Juniper berries, lavender, olive, sage and orange. Also, late last year the distillery Duh u boci continued its winning streak by making a vodka brand which also won a gold medal at a prestigious international competition in London just several months later. The next goal is to become one of the best with a new product; a whiskey which will be available to the fans of this liquor late next year due to the long manufacturing process.

There is an interesting entrepreneurial story of two pilots and friends, Tomislav Andolac and Hrvoje Bušić, behind this project. They added enthusiasm and passion for producing liquors to their first love, aviation. All components united resulted in quality beverages enriched with local raw materials, unique packaging with an airplane logo and in a constant desire to push limits of their work and success. Therefore, it is no surprise that award-winning beverages from the distillery Duh u boci, which have won more than twenty medals, are served in most exclusive bars, restaurants and hotels in Croatia and are equally well received in Switzerland, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and Singapore.

The European Union also recognised this globally awarded liquor brand from Zagreb and allotted funds to the company which will be invested in further technological development, quality, and innovation.

Published: 09.09.2022