2022 Is Near: An Eventful Calendar Filled with Concerts

There is an eventful concert season next year, filled with performances of many world-famous bands. Zagreb awaits you!

The list of concerts that will take place in Zagreb in 2022 is already long so it is safe to say that what lies ahead is an exciting season that will attract both a number of famous bands and numerous visitors. In addition to concerts by Maluma (24 February), Sting (21 March), Iron Maiden (22 May) and The Cure (27 October) which we have announced extensively earlier, there are many others which will be announced and attract a lot of interest by fans of world-famous performers. Among those who will perform on stages in Zagreb next year let us mention the following bands: Skunk Anansie, Franz Ferdinand, Dead Can Dance, Dream  Theater, Celine Dion, Zucchero, Simple Minds, Whitesnake, Kiss, Bullet For My Valentine, Gojira, The Mission, EODM and many others.

Since there is no doubt that the list of concerts is about to become even longer, it is clear that Zagreb is becoming an important European concert destination.

Published: 15.12.2021