Art Future: Art and Technology to Provide You with a Special Experience

The exhibition Art Future taking place as of mid-September in the streets of Zagreb will show that new technology is changing modern art expression.

Art Future is the title of the exhibition that will take place in the streets of Zagreb from 15 September to 15 October within the framework of the project Artupunktura. Around twenty artists from Croatia and abroad will exhibit their 3D sculptures using Augmented Reality. This will be an opportunity to see artwork both in the centre and in other locations of the city made by renowned 3D model experts who are internationally acclaimed artists. From Croatia, among others, there will be Veljko Popović and Igor Puškarić. In the streets of Zagreb, you will also get a chance to see sculptures of world - famous Columbian artist Botin as well as established Russian artist Alexey Severin who lives in Italy and made artwork for the Venice Biennale.

This is a chance to experience art in a completely new way with the help of modern technology. The technology necessary for this type of art presentation has been available for years, but exhibitions were rare before the pandemic. When it hit, globally relevant art collections and museums such as Guggenheim, as well as The New Museum and the David Zwirner Gallery, started using it for example to be presented in the Venice Biennale.

A free mobile app should be downloaded in order to see the exhibits. (ANDROID / IOS)

Art Future is a joined project of the Zagreb Tourist Board and the company Equinox Vison.

Published: 09.09.2022