Advent in Zagreb: A Mosaic of the Most Wonderful Christmas Tales

Advent in Zagreb brings a mosaic of experiences, an eventful programme and activities, and caterers and hoteliers have joined in. Owing to them, while in the city you do not leave this holiday tale for a second; rather you become a part of it and even its protagonist.

In addition to traditional toys which are the main motif of this year’s Advent, a special emphasis is put on cultural and music events. In total 14 music programmes and as many as 129 concerts will bring holiday mood and a unique atmosphere to citizens and visitors of Zagreb. The cultural programme encompasses renowned and new musicians who will give performances, excellent theatre shows for both children and adults and Christmas exhibitions and workshops in museums. There are many Advent-related events in the romantic Upper Town as well as magic brought by the Light of Advent which tells most beautiful stories in the windows of houses. Squares, parks and streets of the Lower Town are also filled with holiday spirit at every step.

The selection of food and beverages offered on Advent-decorated stalls of various caterers will certainly contribute to the holiday atmosphere. Zagreb’s caterers adapted their offer to the visitors’ expectations by organising special Zagreb Jingle Mingles programme and decorating their stalls. Zagreb’s hoteliers will make the experience complete with their Advent and New Year’s special offers and programmes entitled collectively Advent in Zagreb’s hotels, which always give visitors more than expected.

The events of Advent in Zagreb will continue until 7 January in line with all epidemiological precautions but also with a possibility to participate online.

Published: 15.12.2021