Summer Is Almost Over: This Is Not Miss to Be Missed

In August and September, the centre of Zagreb is heaving with interesting open-air events which offer two pleasures at once: attractive activities and beautiful ambience.

Even if you wanted to, it would be difficult to avoid interesting open-air events while taking a walk in Zagreb, whether it is in the streets of the Upper or Lower Town. They were created by organisers with a creative approach and with the support of the Zagreb Tourist Board and in addition to their topics they also stress the beautiful ambience of Zagreb and a pleasure of staying outdoors, especially during summer and early autumn.

From 12th to 23rd August, you can visit the Flag Art Festival at four locations in the city centre. It is a retrospective exhibition displaying 180 awarded, praised and accepted handmade flags designed during the last twelve years in which the festival has taken place by 170 artists from around twenty countries and five continents.

In the Atrium of the Klovićevi dvori Gallery, a renowned space in the Upper Town, the Amadeo Summer Stage has been organising excellent concerts of famous Croatian artists for 22 seasons. The string of exhibitions also continues to take place. The Amadeo programme started on 17th August and it continues in September. 

Until 25th August, an excellent exhibition “Erwin Wurm: The Show” is available in Lauba – House for People and Art. Wurm, an Austrian artist whose pieces are a part of numerous museum collections around the world and were exhibited in many world museums and galleries, tackles Western mentality and well-established symbols of success with his works through humorous and absurd elements. The exhibition in Zagreb presents an interactive piece entitled “Narrow House” which was also exhibited in the prestigious Venice Biennale as well as “One-minute sculptures” and many other pieces.

The organisers of Little Picnic and the event Le Grič ensured a pleasant ambience during summer evenings in Zagreb. They invite visitors to a relaxing summer mingling in beautiful surroundings, followed by great fun and food and drinks provided by local producers. Little picnic takes place every Friday in August from 17 to 23 in Bela IV Park in the Upper Town. In such a way exciting summer days in Zagreb have an equally wonderful and pleasant evening finale.

Published: 18.08.2021