Boogaloo Club: Kosheen in Zagreb in Early-May

British band Kosheen, whose lead singer and songwriter is Sian Evans, will visit Zagreb in early May.

British band Kosheen headed by its lead singer and songwriter Sian Evans as well as the drummer from the original lineup Mitchell Glover will hold a concert in Zagreb’s Boogaloo Club on 8 May. An additional plus of the event is the fact that world famous musicians will join the band and make their usual sound even richer.

This British electronic rock band was founded 21 years ago. Their first album Resist won them the title of one of the greatest music attractions, brought them the favour of music critics as well as that of a large audience so they reached the top of world music charts. Their musical expression is characterised by a combination of various styles such as drum ’n’ bass, dance and pop.

The performance of the band will be led by Sian Evans who in recent years earned a reputation of a respected and famous songwriter who wrote a lot of hits.

DJ Frx will be in charge of creating an excellent atmosphere in Boogaloo Club before and after the concert.

Published: 10.03.2020