Zagreb's Time Machine: History in Present

Streets and squares of Zagreb will be “leading a double life” all the way to late October. In addition to present time, there is also an opportunity to go on a trip in Zagreb’s Time Machine to a rich history whose characters and customs are here for you and next to you.

Zagreb’s Time Machine is a common name for several programmes to be presented until late October in streets and squares of the Upper and Lower Town to bring the past to life and introduce characters, customs and music which are part of Zagreb’s tradition to everyday life.

From the end of May until the end of September during weekend evenings you will stumble upon renowned figures from the history of Zagreb, characters from legends and historical novels and see important events enacted in the romantic Upper Town. These encounters with historical figures will have a special value in the beautiful surroundings of the Upper Town, in historical areas and museums which are witnesses of the past. To complete the ambience of the trip taken in Zagreb’s Time Machine and make the experience even richer, there is also the programme entitled the Upper Town Music Panoramas. It will give you a chance to listen to old city and love songs of buskers, who kept this custom until today, in a romantic area.

The programme entitled Folklore Scene brings members of folklore groups in national costumes to the city centre. They will sing and dance to remind us about the interconnectedness of the city and its surrounding, which traditionally supplied food to Zagreb. This was and is true until today for all those who search for fresh and healthy food of local producers in Dolac Market and markets of various neighbourhoods, despite globalisation. A proof of that is the statue of a female vendor Barica from Dolac Market, dedicated to thousands of women who came to the city from its surroundings with baskets filled with products, carrying a heavy load on their head every day. In their honour this summer at weekends you will meet women in national costumes at Dolac Market offering their products, the same as in the past.

Twice a month until 18 October, which is the International Necktie Day, a programme of changing of the Guard of Honour of the Kravat Regiment will be held. You might not be aware of this, but wearing a necktie is a custom introduced by brave Croatian soldiers. It is today an important accessory in elegant and business outfits for men. To honour this tradition as well as the bravery of soldiers of the Croatian regiment, the ceremony of the changing of the Guard has been restored. This wonderful programme taking place in the city centre is performed by 13 foot soldiers and 4 horsemen and it always attracts a lot of citizens and tourists.

Published: 10.05.2023