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Zagreb Picnic – a pleasant gathering in Maksimir Park

The Zagreb Picnic in Maksimir Park, the wonderful atmosphere of one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, and a pleasant gathering! Over the whole summer, right up to September, every Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00, on the field by the second lake in the Maksimir Park.

Entry is free for everyone who wants a little shade and peace in this green city oasis, just as it is for visitors who would like to get to know the city in this way too.

The Zagreb Picnic is a reminder of a good old Zagreb tradition of gatherings of family and friends in their free time, whether it was to eat breakfast in the open air, a home-cooked bite from a picnic basket, or just to enjoy the shade of the hundred-year-old Maksimir canopy.

There is a Picnic Bar which offers refreshing drinks the whole day long; DJs with a fitting musical mix, equipment for sports and games in the open air, board games… and the littlest ones have their corner just as do the bookworms!

As well as all that it is worth mentioning that the Maksimir Public Authority every Saturday at 12 noon organises free educational tours of Maksimir for the whole family named “In the Footsteps of JurajHaulika”. The tour starts at the field by the second lake where the Zagreb Picnic is held.

Published: 03.07.2017