Zagorje Štrukli – Protected Cultural Asset

Štrukli is certainly one of the most popular dishes in Croatian Zagorje and Zagreb. From now on, it will be protected by law as an authentic Zagorje and Croatian brand. When in Zagreb, do not forget to taste it – you will become an aficionado.

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia has awarded the traditional home-made štrukli the status of a protected asset of nonmaterial culture and as such, it will be entered in the Registry of Protected Cultural Assets of the Republic of Croatia. 

The Ministry explained its decision by the fact that the preparation of home-made štrukli implies a special skill possessed by almost every housewife in the Croatian Zagorje region and, with some small differences, in the entire continental area of Croatia. “The Zagorje region is a true treasure trove of unusual delicacies which had to be devised by the resourceful women of Zagorje to feed their families in times of hardship and scarcity”. 

The County of Krapina and Zagorje has recognized the wealth of its heritage and organized an event under the name of “Granny’s Cakes” in order to preserve the authentic recipes. One of the objectives is for this event to become a tradition and to go beyond the borders of Zagorje. 

Štrukli, also known as štrukle and štruklji, is made of filo pastry filled with a mixture of fresh cottage cheese and eggs and covered with fresh cream. It can be prepared as a savory or sweet dish, it can be boiled or baked, and it can be served as a soup, starter, dessert, main dish or a simple meal. It is prepared for different occasions – as an everyday dish or as a festive delicacy, and to this very day, it is the staple food and the symbol of Zagorje.
Many restaurants in Zagreb serve Zagorje štrukli – a favorite dish of a large group of aficionados. After tasting it for the first time, you will certainly apply for membership.

Published: 01.11.2007