Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall: Japanese Drumming Ensemble Kodo in Zagreb

No one is indifferent to the performance of the Japanese drumming ensemble Kodo, which will take place in Zagreb in February. Neither will be the Zagreb audience.

Japanese drumming ensemble Kodo will perform in the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall on 9 February 2020 as a part of their world tour Legacy. The performance, which is described as a “physically stunning and musically sensational show” is a combination of some of the most popular materials and a new oeuvre of this drumming ensemble founded in 1981. They have given more than 6 000 performances in 50 countries of the world and the emphasis is on endless opportunities of their drumming on traditional Japanese drums taiko.

Their sound was described by the renowned The Guardian as “balancing a deadly aggression with utter tranquillity” so the performance of the world-known Kodo ensemble will certainly not be met with indifference by the Zagreb audience either.

Published: 02.01.2020