Theatre Night: Open Doors of Theatre Stages

On the third Saturday in November, doors of many theatres will be open throughout the day to all theatre fans and to those who will be inspired by the Theatre Night to become fans.

The Theatre Night is a string of events owing to which on 19 November many theatres, culture centres and independent performance troupes in Croatia will offer an eventful programme of a very wide range, from theatre shows to interdisciplinary performances, exhibitions, concerts and installations. The common aim is to award faithful spectators with an all-day free-of-charge programme, but also to attract new ones, by reminding of the social role and communication power of theatres and similar institutions.

Since 2008, the Theatre Night has been attracting an increasing number of theatres and performance troupes both in Zagreb and in other parts of Croatia. In one day, citizens of Zagreb and their guests will have a chance to get a closer look at the institutional but also alternative theatre scene. Shows will take place from morning until late at night. The fact that each organiser has the right and creative freedom to choose programmes to show during the Theatre Night will certainly contribute to the variety of the offer. 

Published: 08.11.2022