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The Zagreb Streets Invite You to Play - Unlock Zagreb

Unlock Zagreb is the name of an exciting city game thanks to which all those who wish to can experience Zagreb in a completely new way, or simply take a walk through the fun side of the Zagreb streets experiencing something new on every “familiar” corner.

Unlock Zagreb is a completely new and original concept for an open-air game which, alongside tales from the 13th century turns the old heart of the city into an exciting place full of secret hidden codes and puzzles, while everyday buildings and sights become clues which lead to the solution to the puzzle. The adventure begins on Krvavi most (“Bloody Bridge”), and follows a love story which is part of the hidden history of the city.

Players are provided with a puzzle book in order to, led by their own practical and sleuthing skills, tread the path of the courageous knight in order to uncover the secret and “unlock” Zagreb. There are six challenges awaiting players, and after every solved puzzle a new and more tricky one awaits. To play Unlock Zagreb, which is a game for teams of two to five players, no prior knowledge is required. It is also worth knowing that it doesn’t matter which language you speak, nor how old you are. All generations can enjoy the game equally, both tourist and local adventurers. If you love transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, Unlock Zagreb is ideal for you! So, there’s nothing for it but to play in the open air and through the game help one of Zagreb’s oldest love stories to get a happy ending.

Published: 03.10.2017