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The Works of the Greats of Croatian Art in Klovićevi dvori – Vasko Lipovac Retrospective

In Klovićevi dvori on 14 September a large retrospective exhibition opened on the respected Croatian artist Vasko Lipovac, one of the most significant Croatian artists of the second part of the 20th century. Or, to put it better, from 14 September head for Klovićevi dvori for a dose of optimisim, brightness, good spirit, smiles and cheer which this great artist brings.

Vasko Lipovac was particularly attached to the Mediterranean and to Split where he spent the greater part of his life. As the author of the exhibition, Zvonko Maković, says, the figures which Lipovac created carry the characteristics of that world which lives in full intensity on the streets and squares, on the waterfront and in the courtyards of that city. This exhibition on two floors of the Klovićevi dvori Gallery presents some 250 works, from sculpture, paintings, graphics, drawings, reliefs and installations to intimate sketches created at the very end of Lipovac’s life. The artworks, most of which are in the ownership of the artist’s family, and some of which will be on display to the public here for the first time, underline the importance of Lipovac’s origins in the earliest contacts with the creations in his native Škaljari and Kotor in Montenegro, and local culture. That is the basis upon which Lipovac built his authentic position in Croatian modern art in the second half of the 20th century.

This exhibition offers an overview of all phases of the artist’s exceptionally rich opus, ranging from the first works created at the beginning of the 1950s to the last drawings created at the very end of the artist’s life in 2006. The exhibits stimulate play, wit and brightness. There are also the well-known figures “The Cyclists”, comprised of ten figures of cyclists, while the plateau in front of Klovićevi dvori will be decorated with a unique “Blue Tree”. The author of the exhibition is Zvonko Maković, the curator is Ana Medić. The exhibition is open until 7 May 2018.

Published: 03.10.2017