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The Typhlological Museum - Experience a “blind date”

Until the end of January, the Typhlological Museum will feature an interesting exhibition that takes visitors on a sensory journey that will change their perception of the world around them.

Until January 31st, the Typhlological Museum will feature the exhibition “The Best Place for a Blind Date”, which consists of two parts. The first part of the exhibition has been conceived as an expanded version of the Dark Room, where visitors’ senses are awaken through various methods. The Dark Room is part of the permanent exhibit of the Typhlological Museum. Its goal is to provide visitors with an insight into a world without visual information, which forces their remaining senses – touch, hearing and smell, to awaken. In this expanded version of the Dark Room, visitors move around in a pitch black room featuring intriguing items, scents, sounds and textures, which they also come across in their everyday lives. However, considering the lack of vision, the intensity of other senses is a new and unforgettable experience that changes the way we perceive the world around us.

In the second part of the exhibition, visitors can view the documentary film “Love is not Blind” by director Višnja Biti, featuring a story about people who have fallen in love while undergoing blindness treatment in Cuba. Although the film was produced in 2004 by the Croatian Film Association, it is still very timely and sends the message that the best way to see is through one’s heart. This part of the exhibition also features a virtual connection with the Museum of Broken Relationships, while the tactile link between the two museums is also located in the Museum of Broken Relationships, whose exhibit is based on emotion. 

Zagreb’s Typhlological Museum was opened in 1963 to display exhibits mostly related to persons with impaired eyesight. The goal of the permanent exhibit, however, is not to simulate blindness in those who can see, but to show the possibilities and limitations of sight.

Published: 02.01.2017