The secrets of Grič

The Zagreb Tourist Board and Katapult Promotion are the organizers of the night tour “Secrets of Grič”, which one can embark on every Friday and Saturday night in September, starting at 9 p.m. The tour includes a specifically devised programme and it is guided by numerous costumed characters.

One can now go sightseeing in Zagreb at night. Each Friday and Saturday, starting at 9 p.m., there will be night tours, called “Secrets of Grič”, organized by the Zagreb Tourist Board and Katapult Promotion. During a one hour walk along the streets and squares of the Upper Town, lantern in hand, tourists will have an opportunity to get to know the history of Zagreb as told by the great Croatian novelist Marija Jurić Zagorka.


In freely interpreted scenes from her famous novel, “Grička vještica” (“The Witch of Grič”), numerous costumed characters from a specifically designed programme will disclose many fascinating stories, reveal city legends, unfold love stories, or even spook you with an occasional witch. One can also learn about the legend of Manda, who “walks” along the Grič rooftops to this day, searching for the souls of her two brothers who were killed, because of her, in a duel.

She will “let you know” that she is present by greeting you from the Lotrščak tower. One will also have an opportunity to witness scenes from the love story between Nera and Siniša. Siniša saves Nera from being burned at the stake by galloping up on a horse, whilst masked as the devil. Zagorka will take you to the Stone Gate where you can hear the story of the great Zagreb fire in which the painting of the Mother of God was the only item to survive unburned. One will also get to meet the beggar Petrica Kerempuh, but be careful: he might steal your wallet whilst entertaining! In front of St. Mark’s church, there will be a re-enactment of the “Peasant Revolt”, an event from the 16th century when the peasant king, Matija Gubec, was killed after being crowned with a crown made of red hot iron.

There will also be various other scenes, but we will let some of them remain a secret. After an exhausting night walk, Marija Jurić Zagorka will take you for refreshments at the Cinkuš cafe, where one can enjoy pleasant melodies, warm doughnuts, prosciutto ham, cheese, and medica (honey) rakija. As a reminder of the evening, you will receive a Licitar heart.

Published: 03.08.2010