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The Home of Croatian Visual Artists – The 4th Biennial of Painting, An Overview of the Croatian Scene

In the Home of Croatian Visual Artists, popularly known as the Meštrović Pavilion, on 20 September the fourth Biennial of Painting opened, which will run until 29 October.

Through the works of 28 selected artists and 10 invited artists an overview of the opus of the Croatian art scene over the past two years will be presented. Artists of all ages present their work at the Biennial. For example, you will be able to see the work of Stipan Tadić, Monika Maglić, Matko Vekić, Eugen Varzić and more. Critics consistently say that the works at this Biennial are bursting with colour. Traditionally, the Biennial of painting hosts an exhibition of foreign artists which, according to the concept of the guest curator, represents an overview of the art scene of one European city. This year the exhibition Extended Painting Prague is hosted, curated by Marek Shovánek. The exhibition will present renowned artists who are shaping the contemporary practice of the painting scene, including the artist Jiři David, representative of the Czech Republic at the 2015 Venice Bienniale.

Recognising the significance of the Biennial of Painting, in partnership with the Croatian Association of Visual Artists, the Modern Gallery will from 3 October to 5 November prepare an independent exhibition by the renowned painter Slavko Šohaj, a reevaluation of the value and influence of the old masters on today’s painting.


Published: 03.10.2017