Summer at Matoš’: Fun Accompanied by the Poet

In Zagreb, in the Upper Town, just next to the monument to the poet Antun Gustav Matoš, a unique city beach awaits visitors from mid-July to the beginning of September. It is meant for those who expect more from summer.

Summer at Matoš', the event which will have its second edition this year, is to last from 19 July to 1 September.  It will provide a place for sunbathing next to the monument to the poet Antun Gustav Matoš (1873 – 1914), who has been “sitting” on the bronze bench for more than four decades. You will be able to enjoy a pleasant summer atmosphere of the romantic Strossmayer promenade, wonderful skyline of Zagreb, but also many music and entertaining events while sitting on a deck chair. A selection of food and beverages is also at your fingertips, provided from little cabins, reminiscent of changing cubicles that were once used.

Instead of bathing, this interesting spot will offer visitors other, more attractive activities suitable to the summer in the Upper Town. They will be entertained by numerous bands and stand-up comedians, and preparations for many surprises are under way. This interesting setting in the very city centre also offers a chance for a photo with the bronze monument of the poet Antun Gustav Matoš, which is in general one of the most frequently photographed motifs in the Upper Town. The monument to the poet, who was not born in Zagreb but lived in it and loved it dearly, was made by the sculptor Ivan Kožarić. It was put up in Strossmayer promenade in 1978. However, photos and memories do not end there, so this event and its attractions bring you more romance and positive energy.

Published: 05.06.2019