PLACe market: On Friday Evening, In Farmer's Market Dolac

Central farmer’s market in Zagreb, Dolac, will soon become a place where to meet in the evening, find out about Zagreb’s gastro and general offer and enjoy special atmosphere once a week.

From early June to mid-July, Zagreb invites you to a new, attractive mingling spot every Friday evening. The central farmer’s market in the city, Dolac, which was opened in 1930, is an essential stop in tourist tours of the city in the morning and early afternoon. A lot can be concluded about the everyday life in the city in this very spot.

However, as of now Dolac Market will continue its mission to connect people even on Friday evening with tasty food and drinks, cultural and entertaining activities and interesting mingling which illustrate the tradition and way of life in Zagreb in a special way. In addition to others, local producers and skilful caterers will participate in these presentations.

Citizens of Zagreb find their groceries every day in as many as 28 farmer’s markets, called plac in the vernacular, where they buy vegetables, fruit, dairy products and meat from local family and other types of producers.

Going to the market, especially on weekends, is a part of the ritual performed by many citizens of Zagreb, who will stop to have a morning coffee in addition to buying food and often a posy.

By including more than nine centuries old “Belly of the City”, Zagreb is joining a national project entitled PLACe market Croatia whose aim is the cultural and tourism revitalization of markets through presentations of local products, local food, culture, souvenirs and entertainers.

This national project is implemented in cooperation with the Croatian National Tourism Board, with the support of the Zagreb Tourist Board and numerous partners.

Published: 10.05.2023