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Little Zagreb: A New Perspective of Everyday Life

Houses we pass by sometimes, without even noticing them, will make us pause, see more but also think differently in their small version. Little Zagreb is much more than an interesting visual effect.

Miniature compositions of Zagreb’s residential buildings with recognisable facades can be found at eleven locations in completely unexpected places in city’s public areas. This is a part of a project entitled Little Zagreb, realised by a versatile artist Filip Filković Philatz with a group of young creative people. The Zagreb Tourist Board got involved in the realisation process.

“The idea was to reflect the living space of our big world in miniature proportions in order to underpin the importance of focusing on small things in life and details that enrich it” says the author.

You can stumble upon miniature buildings encompassed by the project while going for a stroll through the city centre or you can follow the map, which is available at the Visitor’s Centre, on the website of the project and in the Tourist Board. It contains all the locations. Whichever way you choose to explore them, stop and look down in order to notice what you have missed until now and what makes an important part of the mosaic of our everyday life.

“Little Zagreb, with its discrete appearance, creates a moment of surprise for anybody who sees it, which is always welcome. As a non-invasive ambience outdoor project which does not lead to big gatherings, it is a real example of positioning Zagreb as a responsible and safe destination” says Martina Bienenfeld, PhD, Zagreb Tourist Board Director.

The project Little Zagreb in a big city will be available until 5 September this year.

Published: 07.04.2021