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Kino Europa – Czech Film Week

For the 24th year running visitors to Kino Europa will be able to enjoy Czech Film Week as part of the rich programme of Autumn events. This year, Czech Film Week is on 10 to 17 November. Once again Zagreb audiences will be able to enjoy those familiar warm stories full of humanity and the unique Czech dark humour. This year’s Czech Film Week will present six selected works of recent Czech cinematography.

The programme will open with “The Teacher”, a disturbing and current tale of the strength of human character inspired by a true story, from the workshop of the experienced multi-award-winning directors and set designers Jan Hřebejk and Petr Jarchovsky. Also in the programme isone of the greatest current hits of Czech cinema “Angel of the Lord 2”, the sequel to the popular Christmas story of the clumsy angel Petronela and his friend the demon Uriah. There will be the big hit “Doubles”, a hilarious detective story and comedy of errors about two seemingly identical but completely different men. The film “The Noonday Witch” is an atmospheric combination of a psychological thriller and horror, inspired by Czech folk legend about a mythical creature which spirits away naughty children.

Perhaps the most interesting title of this year’s programme is the claustrophobic biographical film “I, Olga Hepnarová” by the acclaimed documentary film makers Tomáš Weinreb and Petar Kazda about the last woman to be sentenced to death in Czechoslovakia after killing eight people with a truck in the centre of Prague in 1973 in order to wreak revenge upon a society which marginalised her whole life. This controversial drama is the winner of the Czech Lion, the most important Czech film award, for the best film, and it was selected to open the prestigious Panorama at last year's Berlinale. Audiences of all ages will surely enjoy the animated fantasy “Oddsockeaters” by the famous Czech illustrator Galina Miklínová about small creatures which live all around us and are responsible for the disappearance of one sock from each pair! The animated heroes are lent the voices of well known Croatian actors Goran Navojec, Maja Posavec and ŽarkoPotočnjak. Czech Film Week is held in partnership with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Zagreb.

Published: 03.10.2017