Highlander Medvednica: Hiking Gathering Right Next to the Capital

Attractive hiking trails, beautiful views, interesting activities and accessibility; all of these features invite you to attend Highlander Medvednica.

Lovers of nature and active lifestyle will get a chance to enjoy the second, tree-day hiking event Highlander Medvednica in the beautiful Medvednica Nature Park from 2 to 4 June. Mountain Medvednica is located to the north of Zagreb, and its highest summit Sljeme (1033 m) is a popular excursion site.

The 59-kilometer-long route starts in Susedgrad and follows the transversal of Medvednica, which is full of natural gems such as Sopot Waterfall and one of the favourite picnic spots on Medvednica, Kraljičin zdenac Pond. In addition to beautiful landscape, this route allows you to enjoy amazing views of Samoborsko gorje and Croatian Zagorje.

It is interesting to note that, among all the Highlander hiking events taking place in 18 countries, this is the only one located next to a national capital.

As many as 150 hikers of various generations, coming from Croatia, US, UAE, France, Germany, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia participated in the last year’s, first edition of Highlander Medvednica.

At control points, in addition to getting some rest, participants will be able to enjoy lectures, mingle in recognizable ambience and also attend a yoga class and watch stars using a telescope.

In addition to an attractive location, excellent infrastructure, rich gastro offers and the proximity of the capital, which makes travelling easier for participants, especially those coming from other countries, all contribute to the success of the event.

To find out more about the event, visit https://highlanderadventure.com/hr/medvednica

Published: 10.05.2023