Gruntek: Rent and Create Your Own Garden, Enjoy Organic Vegetables!

Owing to the first Croatian app of its kind entitled Gruntek, as of recently citizens of Zagreb are able to rent their own garden, choose organic vegetables to be planted, pay virtual visits to the site and finally enjoy the rich tastes of its fruits.

A strong interest in a possibility of renting a garden in which they will grow chosen organic vegetable varieties is a proof of how eco-aware citizens of Zagreb are. This is possible owing to the first Croatian app of its kind called Gruntek (a diminutive of the local term for an estate, a farm) which allows owners to virtually plant carrot, parsley, sweet potato, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, beetroot and other vegetables, all in line with the rules of organic farming. A local team of farmers who are familiar with all rules of organic farming will take care of the vegetable gardens created by their owners. Thanks to the app, owners will be able to monitor farm work, growth and ripening of the produce on their farms. They will have the choice of harvesting the ripe fruits themselves or having it delivered to their home address.

Vegetable gardens, which provide a new joy of getting in touch with nature and consuming their own, healthy vegetables to citizens of Zagreb, are located in the area surrounding Čazma, around sixty kilometres from Zagreb. The number of gardens available for renting is around 2500.

Published: 11.02.2021